3 Simple Exercises For Active Living


Critical to senior needs that we can’t overlook is the need for exercise. Regular exercise among seniors helps with the maintenance of blood pressure, avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Exercise can also help with mental and emotional health helping release and balance hormones in our body. Exercises don’t have to be heavy and tiresome. In fact, Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. is giving you three simple exercises you can do as much as every day on a light to moderate pace.

  1. Walking

    You don’t even have to think about it as exercise. Walking can be slow and fun. Try doing it with friends and loved ones. Get some fresh air and enjoy a stroll in the park while engaging in idle chatter with your walking companions.

  2. Chair Yoga

    This is a variation of yoga that rids you of mat poses and instead, you’d be doing poses in a comfortable chair preferably with a nice backrest but without the armrest. If you’ve been experiencing pain especially when standing, you’d want to try chair yoga. You don’t even have to go to a yoga studio since chair yoga is very doable at home. Tons of videos are available online for your consumption. If you need help setting up the video or if you’d want someone to do the activity with, we can help supervise your need as well.

  3. Water Aerobics

    The water can be very gentle and supportive with movement, especially to our joints that experience pain. You’d also be glad to hear that this type of exercise also helps in easing the pain in your joints. So consider going to your local pool and asking for the availability of a water aerobics class.

Before doing these exercises, make sure you start out hydrated. In addition, don’t forget to get your doctor’s consent before doing any strenuous activity. In case you feel pain, take time to stop, relax, and just sit down. Listen to your body on what it needs and if shortness of breath, pain or other reasons hinder you from continuing, it would be best to stop and rest for a while.

It’s also important to coordinate with your physician and perhaps a home health agency such as our services that offer home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan. Convinced about trying out these exercises? Need help in planning your exercise routines? We’d be happy to help you. Give us a call at 248-559-2200 or 877-559-2203.

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