4 Helpful Tips on Proper Post-Operative Care at Home

4 Helpful Tips on Proper Post-Operative Care at Home

Post-operative care is the special care that has to be provided to one who has just been discharged after a surgical operation, up and until the day when the patient has fully recovered. The care being provided must be personalized according to one’s medical history, and the type of surgical operation performed on the patient.

Although post-operative care is personalized according to the patient, there are a few general rules and tips you can follow in order to give your loved ones the best care they need while recuperating. These must be kept in mind even when you employ home care services from a home health agency, so that you can be assured that your loved one is properly cared for.

  1. Make Safe and Convenient Sleeping Arrangements
    Make arrangements to have the patient sleep and live on the ground floor for the entire duration of recuperation. This will prevent accidents involving stairs and moving so much from one place to another, thus preventing disturbing the stitches and operated areas of the body
  2. Stock on Materials Needed for Wound Care
    Wound dressings will have to be changed from time to time in order to prevent infection and to aid in healing the wound. It may be inconvenient for you or your care provider to go out and purchase dressing materials and antiseptics every so often. Stock up in advance on the general and patient-specific materials needed for wound care.
  3. Allow the Patient to Move and Exercise
    Although the day-to-day activities of living may be difficult for the patient after operation, it is very important to have them move their body around and exercise to prevent their body organs and limbs from atrophy. The patient should not only be staying in one position for a long time.
  4. Boost the Patient’s Immune System
    Prepare a well-balanced, healthy diet plan for the patient for the duration of recovery. At this time, the newly operated part of the body is slowly healing, with the rest of the patient’s body organs and parts recuperating and slowly returning back to their normal pace. Keeping the patient’s immune system healthy through proper diet, rest, and exercise, will make the recovery process faster.

During the recuperating stage, it is important to find the right person who will see through your loved ones’ recovery process, and will religiously follow the treatment recovery plan.

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From personal tasks and homemaking assistance for the elderly, physical and occupational therapy to patients experiencing pain from diseases, injury, or disability, to skilled nursing, we offer a wide range of home health services in Michigan for your loved ones.

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