5 Types of Food to Avoid When You Have Arthritis


It’s challenging to get around when every motion of our body responds with a painful creak. Even the simple tasks like walking or bending seem like a great feat. Medications help ease the pain down a notch, but what other things can we do to help our body? Have we ever stopped to think about the kinds of food we eat and how it affects us?

Arthritis refers to a disease that presents as a combination of inflammation and joint pain. These types of food can worsen those symptoms:

  • Processed Food

    Just heat them up and you can enjoy a tasty meal. Sure, they’re convenient. But are they healthy? Processed foods contain a lot of preservatives like trans fat which give them longer shelf life. Trans fat, however, elicits an inflammatory response. So, how can we avoid consuming trans fat? Just check the ingredients on the label. It’s that easy!

  • Red Meat

    This food item contains omega-6 fatty acids which can increase inflammation. Red meat is also high in saturated fats that contribute to inflammation and an increase in cholesterol (which can lead to obesity). A healthier option would be having chicken or fish as a protein source replacement.

  • Dairy

    Products like milk, butter, cheese, etc. contain a certain type of protein that can trigger an increased inflammatory response. We can make a healthier choice by trying out some vegan alternatives.

  • Sweets

    An increase in blood sugar levels signals the body to produce cytokines which is a chemical that also affects inflammation. Cutting off on sweets can prove to be quite difficult, especially if you have a sweet tooth. But think about all the pain we can possibly do away with! That should keep us from getting tempted to raid the fridge for a midnight snack.

  • Oils

    The Arthritis Foundation National Office shares that certain oils such as corn, safflower, sunflower, soy, and vegetable, along with products made with them contain high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. Although these oils help food taste better, they also pack quite a punch by worsening inflammation.

In addition, a toxin called advanced glycation end product (AGE) is precipitated when food in general is broiled, grilled, roasted, fried or cooked at high temperatures. This toxin is then broken down by cytokines which in turn, give an inflammatory response. Try cooking food in low heat instead. Not only food can be prepared healthier this way, but it also ends with a more savory flavor.

Every person has a diverse level of tolerance for different kinds of foods. The real key is to take things in moderation. Although there isn’t a diet plan formulated exactly for arthritis, keeping a balanced diet can never hurt. That’s where Home Health Care Services come in. At Magnum Home Health Care, Inc., we will provide the assistance needed. Being a Skilled Home Care in Michigan, we will do our best to keep you healthy. Just call 248-559-2200 or 877-559-2203 and we’ll be glad to help!

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