Superfoods for Superb Healing After Surgery

Our body’s capabilities are the reflection of the food we eat. Every day, we need to eat healthy food to fuel our bodies in order to accomplish our daily tasks. The food we eat is actually what keeps us going. … Continue reading

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Causes of Aches and Pains in Elderly

We often feel more pains as we get older. Since our body undergoes various changes due to aging, we usually dismiss the physical aches we suffer thinking they would just go away after a few days. But this should not … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Effectively Deal with Behavioral Issues of a Loved One with Dementia

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging. The patient will require serious attention and commitment from his/her family members. Caregivers should let the patient stay in a safe environment and help him/her maintain a daily routine. As … Continue reading

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How Physical Therapy Can Help People Who Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint inflammation which causes swelling and pain. It makes moving challenging for the sufferer. Even doing basic tasks like brushing the teeth, walking, or climbing stairs can be excruciating. For some people who have arthritis, physical therapy … Continue reading

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Tips in Mentally Controlling Your Pain

If you have been suffering from chronic pain, you’d most likely get painkillers in your medicine cabinet to alleviate the discomfort. If you’re not bent in popping the pills, you’d likely settle with just tolerating the pain. However, taking medicines … Continue reading

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