Crucial Signs Your Senior Loved Ones Can No Longer Live Alone

Crucial Warning Signs that Your Senior Loved Ones Can No Longer Live Alone

Have you noticed something strange every time you visit your senior loved one? You may not be imagining things.

Growing old comes with a lot of physical and mental issues. It is not an easy stage. Your loved ones would try to hide it by acting tough and independent though. Should you see these warning signs, better hire someone to be with them always:

  • Untidy home.

    You are sure that your senior loved ones are organized and meticulous; however, you see a pile of trashes dumped haphazardly around the house. This may be time to be worried. Observe this after multiple visits. If the same continues, make necessary moves.

  • Unpaid bills.

    They have sufficient money but their electricity or water line got cut off all of the sudden. Their forgetfulness may be taking too much of a toll on them. Something bigger and worse might happen next time.

  • Unattended pets and plants.

    Are other things too much for them to take care alone? You shouldn’t leave them by themselves anymore. If you do, they may encounter accidents while trying to accomplish chores.

  • Multiple items of the same kind.

    Why would your parents have five bottles of mayonnaise if he or she is the only resident of his home? They might have bought it repeatedly thinking they still don’t have it at home. If this is left unattended, it may affect their finances.

  • Untaken medicines.

    Medicines are crucial for them. A single skipped medication can spell danger. If you have tried self-help tactics and crafty medicine boxes and still no progress, waste no time in hiring reliable companions.

  • Expired home commodities.

    This is another thing to watch out for. Since some elderly may suffer from weakened eyesight, they might not see the expiration dates. Without seeing their items properly, especially food, they might get poisoned. And since they are left alone, they don’t have someone to ask for help.

  • Unmaintained personal hygiene.

    Greasy hair, long fingernails, and dirty clothes. These are just some of the signs that they are no longer able to take care of themselves. If they do not maintain a clean body, they’ll suffer infection and bacterial diseases.

  • Malnutrition.

    Consider this as the most critical warning sign. Malnutrition does not happen overnight. There is only one explanation to this, your loved one has been having unhealthy meals or no meals at all. Help them.

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