Different Causes of Your Neck Pain

Different Causes of Your Neck Pain

A good understanding of the pain that you have been suffering from will allow you to understand its etiology and pave way for you to better manage it. If you have been suffering from on and off stiffness or neck pain, you’d most probably think that it’s just a result of muscle strain or interlocking of spines. If such pain has been present for a very long time, it’s time to rule out that it may be caused by muscle strain, or think about other underlying causes which makes the discomfort truly profound. There are a lot of factors why you are suffering from neck pain or discomfort. Here are some conditions suggested by Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. which results to the pain you have right now:

  • The Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    This is a group of disorder that will happen when the blood vessels and the nerves which are located in the space between the collarbone and first rib are compressed from each other. When such thing occurs, it will result to numbing or pain. It will start on your neck and then radiate towards your fingers. Oftentimes, those who are engaged in sports, those who have congenital defects, or those who incur repetitive injuries in the necks are affected by this one.

  • Fibromyalgia

    This condition is a severe one because it will not only let you have musculoskeletal pain experience, but it also lets you have fatigue, sleep problems, and memory lapses. Because of fibromyalgia, the painful event that you are experiencing is amplified whenever it is processed by the brain. That is why even if you are just having a slight pinching in the nerves of your neck, the feeling would be magnified to such a degree. The pain is radiating and its’ not only localized in your neck but goes throughout your upper extremities.

  • The Crowned Dens Syndrome

    There is a ligament that surrounds the dens which allows the head to swivel from right to left and vice versa. However, if there are crystal deposits forming around the dens, such deposits will cause pain whenever the neck is turned from side to side. In fact, those who have been suffering from such condition may exhibit neck stiffness in order to decrease the amount of pain that is being felt.

There are a lot of causes as to why the pain in your neck never subsides. You can seek assistance from Home Health Care Services to manage the pain. On the other hand, you can consult a medical professional so that you can have it checked and medical intervention will be initiated. This way, you can preempt further complications from ever occurring and it will allow you to be relieved of pain. Whatever the mystery associated with the painful neck you have, it’s always best to have professionals check on it such as those from any Skilled Home Care in Michigan.


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