Easy Home Exercises That Greatly Help Seniors


Exercising brings about multiple health benefits that generally improve the quality of one’s life. No matter our age, exercising will always be a wise investment for our bodies since it keeps our bodies function well and staying active also slows down any premature aging.

If you are looking for ways to help keep your senior active under the guidance and supervision of a home health provider, our home health services in Michigan can give you that peace of mind you are looking for.

Here are some easy home exercises your senior can do with our home care provider to stay healthy and active:

  • Walking
    Whether they experience joint points or not, walking will always be healthy to keep the blood pumping and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Walking also improves one’s mood and energy levels when endorphins are released in their bodies or when they simply get out of the house to see the great outdoors and get some sun to warm up their bodies. Walking is not only a good cardiovascular exercise, but it also greatly improves balance and coordination, keeping them well away from unwanted falls.
  • Chair Exercises
    When the weather or season is not ideal for long outdoor walks, chair exercises can be done indoors to keep their muscles and their bodies active. While seated, they can have different leg exercises that strengthen leg muscles and keep it from going through atrophy. Strong leg muscles help them support their weight as they do things and go around places.
  • Arm Exercises
    Lifting or arm exercises not only strengthen their muscles, but it also conditions their upper bodies to balance the development between their lower and upper bodies. Lifting exercises can be as easy as lifting a 500ml water bottle in each hand, arms at shoulder level and raising it overhead. This stretches and strengthens back muscles and alleviates any stiffness by giving it more movement.

Mental exercises can even be added into their weekly or daily activities with our home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan to keep mental stimulation and brain functions in check.

Whether your senior loved one wishes to do more or learn more to stay healthy, Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. can assure them the quality care they need and look forward to at home.

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