How can I get home health care?
We need to first coordinate with your physician for recommendation. Sometimes the doctor themselves refer patients for home health care. However, we accept requests/referrals from family members, nurses and even the patient themselves.
How soon can I receive the care?
Upon request, we will process all other necessary procedure and grant you the services after approval. Call now so we can start immediately.
How can I determine which services are right for me?
Consult your doctor or call us for assessment. We’ll help you decide which service or set of services is appropriate for your condition.
How much can your services probably cost me?
You will be given the estimation of costs as we plan which services you are availing. Rest assured the choosing Home Health Care is cost-effective and are made flexible to fit your budget or insurance coverage.
Are services available on a holiday, weekend or at night?
We have an emergency team always on call. If you need us on these special occasions don’t hesitate to request help from us for we are available 24 hours a day, all week.
What are the advantages of home health care?
Home is the best option for physical and mental recovery. You will recover faster due to the motivation your loved ones could provide while you receive structured treatment from a licensed and/or certified professional in skilled nursing, therapy, personal care and social services. Home Health Care is also very cost-effective compared to admission into a hospital or a nursing home.
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