How Can Summer Season Place Senior Loved One’s Health in Peril

How Can the Summer Season Place Your Senior Loved One’s Health in Peril

Summer is a highly anticipated season all throughout the year. There are the beaches, golden sands, and the smiling Mr. Sun. One can do activities and explore places. However, not everything in summer is that good. The extreme weather condition might pose some hazard to one’s health, especially for seniors. Extreme caution should be observed.

Seniors or the elderly have weaker resistance to diseases. They’re no longer in the health condition same as a few years back. Exposing them outside under the summer sun for long periods of time will not be beneficial for them. They should be guided accordingly.

To make you more cautious, here are health risks you should be wary about:

  • Heat.

    In Michigan, the temperature can reach as high as 57.3°F. Long exposure to this kind of heat will no longer be healthy. For seniors, it can trigger their hypertension and skin sensitivity issues. Also, prevalent in this season is heat stroke. On severe situations, this sudden health flush can be fatal.

  • UV rays.

    Ultraviolet rays are the most destructive rays from the sun. It can cause skin problems like premature aging, sunburns, and even skin cancer. Also, without sufficient eye protection, the eye may suffer macular degeneration, cataracts, pingueculae, pterygia, and photokeratitis, which may lead to momentary vision loss.

  • Perspiration.

    Due to heat, excessive perspiration is not far from happening. When perspiring too much, the body may lose water more leading to dehydration. Constant hydration is necessary. Always give your seniors something to drink.

  • Dust.

    Since the sun is high, it cannot be helped that some land may dry up causing dust to fly in the air. If your senior loved ones are sensitive to which, anti-histamines should always be handy.

  • Bugs.

    With all the cold weather gone, the creepy crawlies are alive than ever. If going out, don’t spray floral scents, it may attract insects.

  • Fatigue.

    The sun can tire you out even though you are not doing anything. This factor is dangerous for the elderly. Considering their frail health, a little physical stress can be too much for them. Supplement the heat with air-conditioning.

  • The Sea.

    If your senior loved one is a beach buddy, always keep them company. Since their mobility is hampered due to weaker bones and muscles, drowning is easy.

In taking care of your loved one this summer or in any other season, it is recommended to have someone to take care of them personally. Thus, Home Health Care Services will come in handy. If you are looking for a reliable and competent one, consider the services of Magnum Home Health Care, Inc.

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