How Physical Therapy Can Help People Who Have Arthritis

How Physical Therapy Can Help People Who Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a joint inflammation which causes swelling and pain. It makes moving challenging for the sufferer. Even doing basic tasks like brushing the teeth, walking, or climbing stairs can be excruciating. For some people who have arthritis, physical therapy can help in improving range of motion and minimizing inflammation. Here’s how physical therapy can benefit arthritis sufferers.

  • Preserve Joint Use

    A serious case of arthritis can make the affected joint unusable. The physical therapist from our Home Health Agency in Bingham Farms MI can educate patients on safely pushing the joints through a range of motion. The patients will learn how to decrease some motions which could aggravate their condition. It is likely that they will use a device which helps in performing daily activities with less pain.

  • Increase Balance and Flexibility

    During physical therapy, the therapist will guide the patients through a series of gentle stretches and exercises. Such techniques will help in maintaining or increasing joint function.

  • Improve Strength

    Those who have arthritis may not utilize their muscles, as much as they want to, because of the pain. Physical therapy helps in restoring the strength using carefully-planned movement which doesn’t make the inflammation worse. Strengthening the muscles is important to avoid sensitivity to injury.

  • Improve Mobility

    Physical therapy includes instructions on using a cane or walker to help the patients get around comfortably and easily. A physical therapist teaches the patients how to safely and properly perform daily activities such as sitting and standing.

  • Relieve Pain

    Physical therapy is meant to keep the patients mobile and help them handle their pain. To reduce pain associated with arthritis, the therapist will recommend hot and cold therapy, as well as the use of braces and wraps, deep-tissue massage, soft floor padding, and shoe inserts.

  • Educate the Patient

    We offer Home Health Care in Michigan that includes physical therapy. Our physical therapists offer knowledge on specific kinds of arthritis and how to treat them. They understand that every patient is unique and that they need an individualized treatment plan that caters their specific needs.

  • Promote Physical Activity

    Physical activity plays an essential role in managing arthritis. Doing physical activity on a regular basis can keep the muscles around the affected joints strong, reduce bone loss, and help in controlling joint pain and swelling. Also, it improves cartilage lubrication and decreases stiffness. Physical therapy includes doing certain exercises to help people with arthritis deal with their pain and improve their ability to function every day.

Physical therapy is an important part of an overall arthritis treatment plan. The sooner the patients begin with their treatment, the more effective their therapy will be. Although this therapy doesn’t cure arthritis, it can help in easing the life of the patients. If you are struggling with stiffness and pain because of arthritis, you can take advantage of our Home Health Care Services. Just call Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. at 248-559-2200 / 877-559-2203.


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