Managing Pain at Home


There are over hundreds of types of arthritis and arthritis-related pain that seniors and adults may get to experience in their lifetime. To name a few, it can either be gout, back pain, or osteoarthritis. Whichever kind of arthritis hits, it all boils down to a form of pain that an individual may experience.

Arthritis can affect any adult, younger or older, but with information and health assistance like our home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan, pain management can teach individuals how to handle it on a day-to-day basis and find ways to not let it interfere with the things they need and love to do whenever pain strikes.

Follow The R.I.C.E Method

This method essentially means:

  • Resting
  • Icing
  • Compression
  • Elevation

The R.I.C.E method helps the swelling from further building up in joints, legs, and feet whenever arthritis attacks. Since ice is needed, this method is more convenient to perform at home where there is easy access to an ice pack. To prevent any ice burns, wrap the ice pack in a towel just enough for the coldness to be felt on the outer side of the wrap, to keep it from direct contact with the skin. For compression, it can be done overnight to help give support to the concerned area, just make sure to consult with your physician before any prolonged compression.

  • Drink Lots Of Water

    Having a good water intake habit can help minimize body pains since drinking water can flush out bad toxins from staying in our bodies. It helps to reduce any muscle stiffness that brings about pain and discomfort whenever we engage in chores or physical activities. Being hydrated helps in the distribution of needed nutrients and oxygen that our organs need in order to function well. Plus, water also helps in keeping our skin supple and moisturized and eliminates headaches caused by dehydration.

  • Have Enough Sunlight

    Vitamin D production in our bodies is activated when we expose ourselves to early morning sunlight between 6 to 7 am. Vitamin D is needed for better overall health since it strengthens our muscles, bones, heart, and immune system, along with the process of staying outdoors with a little walking to keep our heart rate up, which is needed for better blood circulation.

These simple pain management tips can easily be imparted to our clients through our home health services in Michigan.

If you wish to have a pain management plan for your senior at home, get in touch with Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. to get started with their personalized plan.

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