Post-Surgery Questions You Might Have, Answered!

Post-Surgery Questions You Might Have, Answered!

Troubled about what comes next after surgery? Don’t be, Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. has created a short FAQ list you can use as a guide.

  • What kind of changes do I need to make at home?

    The changes needed depend on a case-to-case scenario. If you’ve undergone surgery that is a bit complicated, you might need to:

    • Transfer your current bedroom to the ground floor for easier mobility.
    • Stock your pantry with healthy foods that align with the type of diet your doctor has given.
    • Obtain your supportive gear (oxygen tanks, shower seats, elevated toilets, etc.).

    After surgery, you’d probably still be feeling groggy and overwhelmed; which is why it would be best for you to make these preparations beforehand. Aside from requesting loved ones for aid, a Home Health Agency can also make arrangements for you.

  • What safety measures can I implement at home?

    When recuperating from surgery, it’s no surprise for you to experience limited mobility for a while. While this places you at a higher risk for fall hazards, you should be able to avoid sustaining harm or injury by:

    • Adding extra lights in the hallway.
    • Selecting a bedroom or sleeping area that is near the toilet.
    • Removing the clutter that blocks the walkway.
    • Wearing appropriate footwear.

    Following these steps may seem extra at a first glance, but as they say, prevention is always better than cure.

  • What health complications should I look out for when recovering at home?

    Congratulations! Your surgery was a success. But despite that, you’re not fully out of the woods just yet. One small move, and you might be readmitted to the hospital yet again. If you’re not enthusiastic about that happening, you should look out for warning signs such as:

    • Fever.
    • Pain that intensifies over time.
    • Discomfort or pain felt when urinating.
    • Persisting feeling of nausea or vomiting.
    • Racing heartbeat.

    If you do experience these symptoms, be sure to note down when they started and to contact your health provider immediately. Remember, the sooner you receive medical attention, the better your prognosis will be.

  • What options do I have in case I need assistance at home?

    Coming home from surgery can be a tough challenge to face on your own. And for that, you can always request family members and friends to lend you a hand. But, if they are currently preoccupied or if you require a more specialized type of home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan, you can always count on us for help.

Among the services that we can masterfully provide include skilled nursing,
physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, daily living assistance (provided by a home health aide), and medical social services. With the variety of services that we have to offer, you can definitely enjoy a customized care plan that perfectly fits your needs.

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