Post-Surgery: The Do’s and Don’ts You Should Remember


Your doctor may recommend that you undergo surgery to treat an existing condition. After your surgery, a period of rest is crucial for your recovery. During this period, some actions can be beneficial or detrimental to your speedy recovery.

Most individuals may opt to engage in home health services in Michigan for faster recovery. Even if you are one of them, you still have to remember a couple of post-surgery do’s and don’ts.

  1. DO’s
    • Taking note of post-surgery care instructions

      The surgeon typically provides post-surgery care instructions to the patient after a surgical procedure. You have to take note of these instructions and follow them. If you choose to take advantage of home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan, the care provider will usually coordinate with the surgeon as to which instructions you should be following.

    • Keeping your surgical wounds clean

      Preventing infections is one of the goals of post-surgery care. Always take a bath to wash off dirt that might have accumulated around the wound sites. Change wound dressings regularly, too.

    • Opting for a nutritious diet

      A healthy diet greatly impacts how your body recovers after surgery. There are a variety of nutrients that the body can use to speed up your recovery. Try your best to prepare and consume balanced and healthy meals every day, not only during your recovery period.

    • Taking medications

      Pain medications can help minimize the pain that might result from surgery. At the same time, the surgeon may prescribe other medications to help your body heal.

  2. DON’Ts
    • Smoking

      Smoking is a habit that you should quit entirely. This habit won’t do your body any good.

    • Lifting heavy objects

      Your body needs to heal. It needs plenty of rest. Avoid lifting heavy objects during your recovery period so as not to strain your entire body. If certain tasks need to be accomplished, you can seek help from a trusted family member, friend, or even a reputable home health agency. Ask your surgeon if you can already lift heavy objects or perform strenuous activities at a certain point in time. But, also listen to what your body is saying to you.

    • Driving too soon

      You should only drive when your surgeon gives the go signal. Driving when you are not fully healthy can only put your safety and yourself at risk.

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