The Importance of Physical Therapy for Seniors


Physical therapy is most known for its use of physical methods such as massages, heat treatments, and exercise—rather than surgery or drugs—to treat illnesses, injury, or even deformity. While others may have doubts as to the effectiveness of this kind of medical science, it is no doubt that physical therapy does have its benefits which are evident among patients suffering an illness or injury who have undergone physical therapy sessions.

As medical professionals, physical therapists are trained and licensed in diagnosing various forms of physical abnormalities, restoring physical function and mobility through various rehabilitative and restorative methods, maintaining these physical functions, and promoting physical activity and proper function of the various parts of the body. They take care, guide, and help the patient in all phases of healing, from the diagnosis to the various stages of recovery. Physical therapists also make it a goal to be able to encourage independence in their patients even during the restorative phase, in order to ensure that at the end of the process—when the patient is in the state of recovery—they wouldn’t have a difficult time managing on their own and getting their lives back to normal.

Contrary to what others may believe, though, physical therapy is not only intended for ill, handicapped, disabled, or injured individuals with a clear physical impediment; it can also be of huge help to senior individuals. The decrease of stamina, strength, and dexterity of an elderly person is not just the result of the aging process but is also contributed by the lack of physical activity and exercise. Because seniors tend to spend more time staying in one place, this may cause weakness and fragility in their bodies—which often leads to various diseases.

At Magnum Home Health Care, Inc., we believe that proper movement and regular exercise are important in maintaining your senior loved ones’ health and physical strength. That is why our home health services in Michigan include physical therapy by licensed and trained professional physical therapists. We aim to improve the quality of life for your senior loved ones by helping them have a level of strength and dexterity they need to perform various activities of daily life.

Physical therapy has benefits that go beyond the physical aspects. These include improvement in balance, endurance, stamina, increased dexterity and mobility, reduced risk in falling, lower risk of developing high blood pressure and heart diseases, and healthier bones, muscles, and joints. Physical therapy also has mental benefits which include decreasing depression and anxiety.

Allow us to help bring back your elderly loved ones’ independence and strength to perform their daily activities and hobbies—all while preventing them from injury or illness. Get quality and efficient home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan with Magnum Home Health Care, Inc.

Our physical therapists are part of a team of dedicated, highly-trained, and compassionate health care professionals in our home health agency that strives to improve and enrich lives.

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