Tips in Mentally Controlling Your Pain


If you have been suffering from chronic pain, you’d most likely get painkillers in your medicine cabinet to alleviate the discomfort. If you’re not bent in popping the pills, you’d likely settle with just tolerating the pain. However, taking medicines and bearing with the agony until it subsides is not anymore the options you can rely on. In fact, a lot of healthcare practitioners are promoting the use of natural pain techniques so you can ward away the discomfort which you are feeling. Wherever the pain might be in your body, Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. has all these scoops in controlling the pain:

  • Mental Analgesia/Anesthesia. You may probably have heard of people telling you that pain is just all in the mind. Even if it sounds insensitive to your plight, there may actually be truth to it. There are those proposing the use of mental anesthesia or analgesia as an effective mechanism for controlling the pain being experienced. When you intend to do mental analgesia/anesthesia, you are going to just visualize that you are being injected with an anesthetic on the area that’s seemingly painful; you can further supplement your visualization by thinking that your brain is also producing endorphins so that the pain you are experiencing is minimized.

  • Symbolic Imagery. This technique necessitates you to associate the pain you are having with a certain object, such as a very bright light or a representation such as a loud sound. By envisioning a symbol, you then gradually reduce the qualities of such in your mind or physically dim the light in the room or lower the sound of the music being played in the background, this will make your mind think that you have a tangible control of the pain; thus, reduce the pain that’s present. This is often done in most Home Health Care Services.

  • Positive Imagery. You need to practice your visualization skills in this technique. It is essential that you think about exciting and pleasant places where you can relax your mind and have a good perception of your thoughts. For example, you may want to think about frolicking under the Caribbean sun where the warm breeze splashing on your face. You may picture yourself being in communion with nature where everything around you is immaculate and emerald. Your positive thoughts allow you to feel relaxed and carefree such that you don’t anymore have time to think about your physical pain.

  • Silent Counting. If ever you have a very painful back, silent counting will help you alleviate the painful event. You can conjure things that you want to count such as sheep or airplanes. You can even count the number of tiles in your floor. This will help you reflect your thoughts instead of constantly thinking about the pain you have.

You may have noticed that all these techniques involve thinking, focus, and concentration. That is why it’s important to keep on practicing these techniques so you can easily master how these are to be performed; thus, allowing you to better manage the pain you are experiencing. If you have problems initiating these techniques, you can always seek help from any Skilled Home Care in Michigan. Through these techniques, you will begin to have a better control of your chronic pain and this can positively impact your life so that you can maximize your days and enjoy the quality of life that you are living.

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