Understanding Deeper: Pain in the Aging Years


Pain during aging is common but this does not mean it’s normal. In fact, pain is our body’s way of signalling that something is wrong and it needs our attention.

When most of us ignore this signal, Magnum Home Health Care, Inc. informs you that these pains may transcend from something simple to something chronic. As we bring you home health care in Bingham Farms, Michigan, we’d like to let you know the following common causes to pains and where you feel these pains:

  • Joint pain

    Arthritis is common among seniors and the usual resolve is to just let this pain be. Some also do home medication. However, this does not always work. Some solutions to pain may just be band-aid solutions—these do not prevail longer rather than improving your quality of life. We can’t spend our time trying to relieve our pain for it to just come back again. To better our condition, it’s better to seek help and care from professionals. What’s going to happen with the case of joint pain is you’d be advised to go through physical therapy and not just your usual pain medication. Physical therapy helps lubricate your joints, reducing inflammation, promoting ease of movement and freedom from pain brought about by inflammation.

  • Lower back pain

    Another common source for pain interrupting us even during sleep is lower back pain. This may be caused by strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects. Physical therapy can also help strengthen your back, reduce, and get rid of the pain. Coordinate with us and your physician for physical therapy services to rid yourself of the discomfort.

  • For momentary relief from pain

    There are over-the-counter drugs suited for joint pain and lower back pain. Hot and cold compresses can also be applied to the painful area. Of course, for long-term relief, coordination and planning with our physician and health care provider are recommended to be done as soon as possible.

Are you ready to age in comfort? Allow us to help you with that by providing you with home health services in Michigan. We provide physical and occupational therapy to help you gain independence, strength, and carefree movement. For more information on who we are, and how we can help you, feel free to visit our site at www.magnumhomehealth.com.

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